Best Primer for Oily Skin

Have super oily skin? I found the perfect primer for under $10!

Yup, that’s right! No need to pay $30 for a primer that doesn’t do every thing it says it will do. I’ve tried so many primers – from MAC to Too Faced to Smashbox and more. My skin is super oily. Yet nothing worked. I would have to touch up within 3 hours of applying my make up. So annoying to say the least. So one day I took to YouTube and did a search to see if any one had suggestions for a product that actually worked. I was shocked to find that a lot of people were raving about Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia (M.O.M).

At first I thought, “Ewww that’s what people use to help them use the bathroom.” But then I figured I’ve wasted so much money on products that don’t work. Would it really hurt to try this? So I ran out to Walmart and got a bottle, came back home and realized I got the flavored one, the flavor ones don’t work because of the additives in them, I ran back out and got the original one.

When I tried it for the first time I was glad to find out that this product has no smell whatsoever! That earned a point in my book. When using M.O.M you only need a little bit, because you only need a thin layer. I saw a couple of people on YouTube that applied so much it turned their face white. A little bit goes a long way though, so no need to over do it.

The next morning I started my daily make up routine. This time after I applied my moisturizer, I applied the M.O.M, and then applied my make up. All day at work I kept looking in my mirror to see if I needed to touch up any oily spots. To my surprise I didn’t have to touch up at all! Matter of fact by time I got home from work, and looked in the mirror, my make up looked like I just applied it. It felt like the heavens were singing to me! I finally found something that works! “Oh Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia I love you so much! You will always be a part of my beauty kit.”

Are you willing to try this? Do you have any beauty home remedies that work?


Thank you for taking out the time to read my post. I really enjoy reading and responding to your comments, so please feel free to leave me a comment below.

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