City Color Bronzers

Let’s start off with City Color Cosmetics.  I was at Rite Aide just looking through the makeup section, and the packaging of the Bronzers really caught my eye! At first, I had picked up Sunrise, and when I got to the check out counter it rung up as $1.99! So, I ran back and picked up the Sunset.  I’m not sure if they were on sale or if that’s the original price.

Sunrise Bronzer-

This bronzer is more a pink bronzer. It’s such a pretty color. With my complexion, I use it as a highlighter. It’s so beautiful and it’s long wearing.  This color would flatter just about any skin tone. I posted some picture with swatches on both my mom and me.

Sunset Bronzer –

This bronzer, in my opinion is basically your typical bronzer color. But let me tell you I LOVE it! The color is fab!  This is now my go to bronzer.  Just like Sunrise, it’s long wearing and the color will flatter just about any skin tone.

The Good-

Both colors go on feeling smooth, and soft.

They are super blendable.

Flatter any skin tone.

The Bad-

Personally, I don’t like when a product uses an overspray, and the palm tree on both bronzers are oversprayed. Which really sucks, because both overspray colors are very pretty.

Oh and sorry about the broken Sunset Bronzer. It fell just when I was going to take a picture of it.

The first swatched hand is my hand, and the second swatched hand is my moms’ hand. Just so you can see how flattering it is on different skin tones.


Thank you for taking out the time to read my post. I really enjoy reading and responding to your comments, so please feel free to leave me a comment below.

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