September Little Black Bag #1

Hey Belleza’s,

So, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this. I literally just got home and my package from Little Black Bag was waiting for me on the table!  I was so excited for this bag, because I was able to trade for all Betsey Johnson stuff! I love Betsey Johnson!

Do you notice how this post is #1? Yeah well, I placed two orders this month, the other one should be here next week!

I had a little minor disappointment with my favorite BJ earrings. I didn’t realize they were clip ons, I still love them though.

Anyone who is interested in ordering from Little Black Bag can register here.

Okay, enough with the blabbing.

Sunglass Case ( I was surprised with this, I didn’t know my glasses came with them)

Pink Metal Sunglasses w/ animal print :

Side of Sunglasses:

Side of Sunglasses:

Monkey Stud Earrings (for my daughter) :

Black and White Gingham w/Pearl Yellow Flower Earrings:

Gold Door Knocker Earrings:

(These are my favorite)

Okay, so for those of you who do not what Little Black Bag is. Take a look at the original review I did here.

Have you tried LBB? If so, how do you like them?

BellezaKisses: 5/5


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