New Banner!!

So, for a while I’ve been trying to find a banner/header for my blog. I’ve tried uploading pictures, but they never looked right because of having to crop them. I even tried creating my own by using PowerPoint. Uggh, that did not work out at all.

So earlier this week I went on Etsy, and checked to see if there were any shops that would make them. I came across Maggie from BannerBooth and her prices were really affordable! So, I told her the idea I was going for and she gave me her opinions based on the layout of my blog (she was so right) and Voila! I now I have I have a banner/header that I am absolutely head over heels in LOVE with!

So if any of you bloggers out there need help creating a banner ask Maggie, she will work with you one on one to create the perfect one and she created it really fast!

Thank you so much, I couldn’t be happier.

BellezaKisses: 5/5


2 thoughts on “New Banner!!

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