ELF Nail Polish – $2.00

So, I was at Target the other day and happened to come across the new Fall collection colors from ELF. I decided to pick up the burgundy color since I don’t have that color in my collection.

The color is gorgeous it is a burgundy, maroon color, which would be perfect for fall. You may be wondering the name of the color. Well, there is no name.

How does a company not name their nail polish? I think that’s just dumb. However, there is a number on the side 2F01AS-2o417. Unfortunately,  this is not the number that describes the color. All the colors from the collection have the same number.

My other gripe about this nail polish, is the top. When I went to open the top the gold design started to rub off in my hand.

Other than that the nail polish itself is really good. This is my first time using an ElF nail polish. The formula is really good. I only needed three coats to get a beautiful deep color. You can get away with two coats if you want, it will give you more a light burgundy color which still looks nice. I will be going back to purchase the rest of the no name colors.

BellezaKisses – 3/5


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