Zana Flirt Liner Rose Bud – $12

So a few weeks back Haute Look had Zana Cosmetics on sale. I purchased three items from this sale. Let’s take a look at the first item.

“From natural to daring, these semi-permanent liners will stay in place all day, even through lunch and dinner. Line your lips and fill in with lipstick or use as a base coat and apply your favorite gloss for the perfect pout.” -Zana Cosmetics

Very rarely is there a product that actually does what it is supposed to. Zana Flirt Liner is one of those products.

To test this out I applied it all over my lips as if it were a lipstick, then I applied  a gloss on top. This literally lasted all day long! Even through heavy eating and drinking. The only thing I had to reapply was the lip gloss.

Rose Bud is a gorgeous hot pink color.

I’ve never heard of Zana cosmetics before, but when I saw this on Haute Look, and I saw that it had a felt tip applicator. I was sold, I’ve never seen a lip liner with this type of applicator.

I’m really glad that I purchased this and will definitely be getting another one when it runs out.

My only concern is how long will it last before drying out?


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