November Julep Maven Box $19.99

Hey Belleza’s,

So today I received my November Julep Maven Box in the mail.

I’m so excited about the colors that I received. Just in case you are wondering why I didn’t post the October box, I wasn’t crazy about the colors, so I skipped it.

This month I received a matte top coat, two matte suede finish nail polishes. and 3 One-Step Polish Remover Pads.

Norah –  a beautiful matte purple, shimmery, but not glittery.

Hailee – a beautiful matte green, shimmery, but not glittery.

Matte Top Coat – exactly what it says

These colors and finishes are great for fall/winter! I do believe the hints of shimmer added with the matte finish, gives the nail polish that suede look.

The matte top coat works great! It’s best to use matte top coats with darker nail polishes, that way you can get the full effect. If you use it on a lighter polish, it just won’t have the same effect.

I also tried one of the nail polish removers, and I will be purchasing more! This is the first nail polish remover that actually quickly removes the polish and doesn’t leave my fingers dried out.

BTW, please excuse my nails and fingers. This cold weather has wreaked havoc on my hands. I can’t find my EOS lotion and nothing else is working.

If you haven’t heard of Julep Maven before click here to read my initial review and how it works.

If you are interested in signing up you can always sign up through my referral link here. Plus if you use the promo code PENNY you can get your first box for $0.01. Yup that’s right! Just a penny!!! Not sure when this promo ends, so take advantage while you can!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

BellezaKisses: 5/5


2 thoughts on “November Julep Maven Box $19.99

  1. Thats pretty cool I like all the colors as well they are very pretty, thanks for sharing love.

    Do you happen to know if they sell the Matte Top Coat alone is cool because I can use any nail polish.

    • I’m glad you liked it! Yes, they do sell the Matte Top Coat alone! I forgot to mention that I used it with a non-Julep nail polish in the pics. So yeah it can be used with any nail polish.

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