Laine Blogger Award

So my wonderful beauty blogger friend Leslie @ has nominated me for a Laine Blogger Award!

Thanks hun!!

Here are the rules:

Tag the blogger who awarded you.

Answer the five questions below.

Award 5 more bloggers the Laine Blogger Award.

5 Questions:

What is your current beauty obsession?

Lipsticks and Lip glosses

Which is the one beauty item you wished you owned?

The Make Up Forever 12 Flash Color Case

What is your favorite post to read or write about?

Product reviews

What inspired you to become a blogger?

I’ve always had a passion for makeup, and a lot of my friends would always ask me for my advise on a certain makeup line and if product was really worth purchasing.

Which nail polish are you wearing right now?

Eeek! I’m not wearing any polish. Sad to say I haven’t painted my nails in about 2 weeks.

The bloggers I am nominating:


Dressed In The City

My Life, My Loves, & Me

Fashion and Beauty

A Is For Ayla

There are many great bloggers I follow, but I could only pick 5. Sorry, I hope no one feels bad or sad. I’m just following the rules.


3 thoughts on “Laine Blogger Award

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