Bath & Body Works Haul

First of all it is an honor to be a guest blogger on this blog which I love reading, Tasha is a great person with a huge personality and during the short time I have blogging she has shown great support and friendship and I truly thank her for it.

On to my haul: Christmas shopping is so much fun, I like to start early so I won’t freak out last minute lol… and I have a big list so the sooner I begin the better. It so funny when you go shopping for other people you buy for them and you buy for you lol… I did that over the weekend, I went to shop for some Christmas gifts and I ended up buy stuff for me too.

I went to bath & body works they have a big sale going on so, I went and got a few stocking stuffers like hand sanitizers I always love to carry these and are very handy. My obsession lip glosses I got a set of five lip glosses that makes a great gift. Lip set comes nicely packaged, and off course I got stuck on the candle section, I love love candles. Candles help me relax and they smell so so good, I bought two little ones and got a medium one for free with a coupon, which was awesome. So I got everything you see in the picture below all for $23.40 with a $10 off coupon, which was a great deal.

Here is what I got:  7 hand sanitizers (scents: 2-fresh lavender, 2-eucalyptus mint, 1-candy cane bliss, 1-snow frosted apple, & 1-merry berry sparkler), Lip Gloss set of Five (Glosses in Plum Mint, Pink Mint, Magenta Mint, Violet Mint, and Bare Mint) and lastly my candles two small ones, one in candy apple and another one in holiday. The medium candle scent was also holiday, which has like a cinnamon smell to it smells so good mmmm lol…

Leslie Hernandez From


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