Sugar Pill – Zillionaire Loose Eyeshadow Trio $30

Last month I purchased the Sugar Pill Zillionaire Loose Eyeshadow Trio. I love the packaging that it came in. The box had a picture of a cute little kitten on the bottom and the inside had pretty pink tissue paper, plus my order came with a cute sticker.

The packaging for the pigments are very adorable, bright and colorful.


Each pigment has a net weight of about 4.5 grams, which are the same size as Mac pigments. However, Mac pigments costs $21 and the Sugar Pill pigments in this set cost $10 each. Now, if you were to purchase these pigments separately, then they would cost you $12 each. Which is still cheaper than Mac pigments.


Now the question is are these as good or better than the Mac pigments that I have.

Yes, these are just as good as Mac pigments! They are very pigmented and are long lasting.

My favorite of this trio is Goldilux, this is the prettiest, goldest color I’ve ever come across! It’s almost like liquid gold.




My second favorite color from this set was Junebug. It’s a really pretty green color with hints of black.



Now here is Hysteric. It’s very beautiful purple.




I’m  very satisfied with my order. I will be placing another order with them soon. Which reminds me, as I was browsing their website I noticed that for every pressed eye shadow and pigments (except for the 4 – color palettes) they offered a swatched picture of each shadow. I think that is a genius idea, and more companies need to jump on the bandwagon. It’s so much easier to purchase makeup on-line when you can see the actual color.

Have you tried Sugar Pill Cosmetics before? If so, can you give me any suggestions as to what to order next?

BellezaKisses: 5/5


5 thoughts on “Sugar Pill – Zillionaire Loose Eyeshadow Trio $30

  1. Hey Belleza! I love Sugarpill cosmetics!! I think they’ve one of the best, high pigmented colors!!! And their packages are just to much! Everything is so perfect! I put my sticker on my laptop;) and I got yellow and orange press shadow, and one awesome green loose pigment (don’t remember the names). They work great! They also have awesome and pretty cheap (compering to MAC) eyelashes!!! I think their line is also (partially) vegan. PS- their black shadow is one of the blackest in the industry;)) I love Sugarpill!!!

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