January Julep Maven

Hey Belleza’s,

So normally, I always get the It Girl box; however, this month I wasn’t to crazy about the colors. So I decided to change my box and go with Classic With A Twist.




Swatch Me Stickers



Grace – “Classic ‘go-to’ light pink sheer” (3 coats)


Madison – “Electric neon hot pink crème” (3 coats)


Hand and Cuticle Stick – “Moisturize and protect in one easy no-mess step. Restore the youthful appearance of your hands with a peptide punch to strengthen and repair your skin. Vitamins C and E nourish and soothe.”

Swatch Me Stickers – All you have to do is place some nail polish on the sticker and place it some where on your nail polish bottle. Now you will know what the color looks like without having to swatch it on your nail. What a great idea!!! I will definitely have to order some more of these.

Out of these two colors, Grace is my least favorite, simply because it is a sheer pink. My theory is what’s the point of wearing nail polish if it barely has any color.

I really love Madison, seeing this color reminds me of summer time.

I can’t wait to try the cuticle stick. This weather has been reeking havoc on my cuticles. So I’ll be taking it to work with me so that I can try it out and post a review.

Are you a Julep Maven? If so, which box did you get this month?

Do you want to become a  Julep Maven? Click here to sign up. If you enter the promo code PENNY, you can get your first box for $0.01 ! I believe that code will be expiring soon, so take advantage of it while you can.


3 thoughts on “January Julep Maven

  1. I really think the swatch stickers for the nail polish bottles is such an awesome idea. I always end up testing on all my nails, so that is really smart. I like how Grace looks on your nails, even though its not a bright color it is still noticeable, really pretty. Great post.

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