Enkore’s 5ekz Ultra Conditioning Brush Soap

Hey Belleza’s,

Remember when I was stating that I need to find a new makeup brush cleaner because I was running out of my Philosophy Purity Face Wash? If not you can read about it here. Well it looks like I didn’t have to look too hard or too long.

Let me start off by saying I freaking LOVE Enkore (Aye Koren stop messing with my lipistick! I giggle each time I hear that.) He was one of the first guru’s that I started watching on YouTube years ago. So the other day I was watching his videos and didn’t realize that he had a blog and an online store. So, I started looking at the items he had for sale, when I saw the 5eks Ultra Conditioning Brush Soap.


I knew right away that I had to order them. The only problem I had, was trying to decide on a scent.

These come in 12 different scents:


French Lavender

Cantaloupe Melon


English Rose

Fresh Lemon

Apricot Freesia

Ylang Ylang





I couldn’t decide on one, so I picked two.  I went with Mango and Tangerine. It came in a really cute package.





OMG!! They smell so good, and the design on the soap is super cute! They fit right in the palm of my hand and they have a loofah built-in to the bottom of the soap. That way you can be sure that you are really getting all the makeup out of your brush. Genius!! Plus they are super affordable. They normally go for $6 but they were on sale for $4.50

I tried this on my foundation brush because it’s the one with the most build up. It got my brush really clean and it was noticeably softer.

My order also came with a free gift!




It’s a Shot Glaz (lip gloss). I received Bahama Slammer, which is a really pretty coral color. It’s super pigmented and very moisturizing. I will definitely be ordering some of these.

BellezaKisses: 5/5


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