And The Winners Are……

Hey Belleza’s,

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, but my little 2-year-old has wrecked my homemade light box. Instead of making another one I decided to order one through eBay, which came in the mail today! However, if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram I’m sure you saw the size of the light box I ordered, it’s so big that my 7-year-old daughter fits inside it, LOL. So I’ll be making another one this weekend, I’m much too anxious to wait for another to come in the mail. I recently had a HUGE Ulta haul, and it’s been torturing me that I haven’t been able to post reviews on my recent purchases.

I know that I can take pictures without it, but I’ve hated the way the pictures have been coming out, I don’t want anymore of them on my blog.

Okay, enough chit-chat, on to the winners!!




Congratulations girls!!! I will be sending you all an email. Please send me your mailing information, so that I can send your packages out. All winners have 48 hrs to respond to my email to claim their prize. If after 48 hrs a winner(s) do not respond back, then a new winner(s) will be selected.


2 thoughts on “And The Winners Are……

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