Stila Color Balm Lipstick – Betsey & Valentina Swatches

Hey Belleza’s,

I’m so, so, so sorry that I’ve been M.I.A. Unfortunately, I hated the way my pictures were coming out without my photo light box. When I first started blogging I made a homemade photo light box, that box lasted me for about 6 months. It had a good life until my youngest decided to use the box as a toy. So I had to lay the poor box to rest 🙂 . I now have a new photo light box that I ordered from eBay. This time it wasn’t too big. ( LOL check out my Instagram, to see what I’m referring to.) `

So I’m back to blogging and I’m super excited!

In my previous post about Sila Color Balm Lipsticks ( you can read the review here ) I told you all how much I was in love with the formula. So much that I just had to pick up some more! This time I picked up Betsey & Valentina.

Betsey is a very beautiful bright fuchsia, if it were any brighter it would be a neon.




Valentina is a gorgeous orange. Now I’ve yet to wear an orange color and I’m really excited to use this one.




BellezaKisses: 5/5

I just can’t express how much I love these! Have you tried them yet? If so, which is your favorite one? Oh and I would love to know out of the 4 that I’ve swatched which is your favorite? Who knows, maybe the color with the most votes will be in a giveaway….??!!


5 thoughts on “Stila Color Balm Lipstick – Betsey & Valentina Swatches

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