Soap and Glory – A Great Kisser

Hey Belleza’s

Happy Friday! I hope that you all have a great weekend! I’m so happy that this is a four-day weekend.

Lately, every where I turn, I see Soap & Glory. So, I finally decided to try it and see what all the hype is about. I ended up buying a lot of bath products, which have been used and are all gone. I didn’t do a review about them because I used them during my hiatus, but will say that I was extremely happy with everything I tried. The next time I stock up, I’ll be sure to take pictures and do a review on it.

Anyways, I loved their bath products so much that when I saw they had a lip balm, I knew I just had to try it. What caught my attention, is that it came in a cute tin container. Just about all of their products come in cute pink vintage packaging!!!


The product itself is also a pretty  peach/coral color!


This MELT-ON-YOUR-MOUTH conditioning mix may just be the best lip balm ever made. A GREAT KISSER™ is formulated with MANGO BUTTER to moisturize, APRICOT BUTTER for weather protection, LINGONBERRY OIL to boost barrier repair (and prevent water loss) and POMEGRANATE EXTRACT to renew your ‘dewy’. It’s not too waxy, not too slippery, not too greasy or too sticky. In fact, it’s just fabulous.” – Soap and Glory


What I love about this is that it truly lives up to the description. It’s super moisturizing, but doesn’t have a heavy thick waxy feel to it. It does look to be thick, but it literally melts once you apply it. It glides on nice and smooth and leaves behind a nice gloss. My lips have never felt this soft before. This just may replace my Jack Black Lip Balm that I always rave about.


Looking at it you would think that it would go on with a peachy coral tint; however, it goes on pretty translucent. After using this my lips just feel healthy and not dry what so ever. The only thing bad thing that I can say about it, is that I’m not crazy about the smell. It’s supposed to be a peach smell, but it smells almost like guava to me (I hate guava fruit) , but that’s not going to stop me from using it.


Have you tried Soap and Glory products before? If so, which products did you get? Are there any that you would recommend me to try?

50 thoughts on “Soap and Glory – A Great Kisser

  1. Great share! Looks like it’s pretty nice to have in the beauty bag but man oh man… I’m in GA and it would do nothing but melt off my lips and turn to juice in the container lol.


  2. the packaging it self looks so pretty!!! love soap and glory I have a shower cap from them hahah so pretty with the little pink bow on it, omg ahhaha, this lip balm look amazing, I don’t like the smell of guava either, at least not in my lips, love the smoothie!! very popular in my country 😀
    big hugs ❤

  3. A lip balm is an absolute necessary no matter which season it is. And this one sounds amazing. The packaging, the colour, the balm looks so cute. I’m not a big fan f guava either, but I think I’ll make an exception for this. Great review! xoxo 🙂

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