Daily Charme – Nail Decorations

Hey Belleza’s,

Happy Friday!

So, for my recent Mani Monday, I used some cute studs that I purchased from an Etsy shop called Daily Charme.

I wanted to share with you, all the nail decorations that I purchased.

I made this purchase about 2 months ago, and have been wanting to share it with you, but it completely slipped my mind.

100 Gold Nail Art 2mm Round Studs – $1.99


100 Silver Nail Art 2mm Round Studs – $1.99


100 Gold Nail Art 3mm Square Studs – $1.99


100 Silver Nail Art 3mm Square Studs – $1.99


10 Mini Gold Spike Studs – $4.00


10 Mini Punk Silver Spikes – $4.00


I really love their shop. They have great prices, and super fast delivery.

Plus I love the hand written notes that are included with your order.


I also, received some free items with my orders ( I placed two separate orders).




Since the last time I ordered, they have added new things to their shop, including nail polishes. I’ll be placing an order today, for the Neon Studs, Black Studs, and the Metallic Foil. Can’t wait to receive them!

If you would like me to use any of these in a future Mani Monday, just leave me a comment below.

Do you like to add nail decorations to your nails? If so, what’s your favorite?

Belleza Kisses: 5/5


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