Mani-Monday – Stripes and Glitter

Hey Belleza’s, I hope everyone had a great weekend! So for today’s Mani-Monday, I came up with a super cute look. Here are the following products I used: Butter London – Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat and¬†Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat : … Continue reading

Essie Snakeskin Magnetics – Repstyle

Hey Belleza’s,

I’ve never tried Essie nail polishes before, so when I saw the Essie Snakeskin Magnetics nail polishes at Rite Aide I figured this would be a great first polish to try.

This nail polish comes with a magnetic cap that is supposed to leave your nails with a reptile like print.

Repstyle (without the use of the magnetic cap):


The color is amazing! It’s a beautiful bronze color, and I have nothing in my nail polish stash even close to this color.

Repstyle (with the magnetic cap):


I have to say that I was really¬†disappointed with how they came out. Now I’m not new to magnetic polishes, I have a few in my stash. I don’t exactly remember which brand I have, but the cap comes with a little part that actually rests on your nail bed so that the cap is steady.¬†Unfortunately, this one didn’t come with one. It is only a flat top with the magnetic piece inside. I tried over and over to get the magnetic design to come out flawless, but that did not happen.

Either the top kept hitting the top of my nail or the design would come out nice on top but no design on the sides. I can say that I will not be using the magnetic cap for this polish. Which sucks, because these are a few dollars more than the regular polishes.

BellezaKisses: 3/5

Have you tried this line of polish? If so, did you have any luck with the cap? Tips and tricks are greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned for more nail polish swatches. Don’t forget I’ll be having a giveaway! Stay tuned!