Betsey Johnson Too Too Pretty & Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush

Hey Belleza’s,

So last week I received my Ulta Reward certificate in the mail, and to my surprise I had reached Level 12. To be honest I never even knew there was such a thing as Level 12, since the rewards book only goes up to Level 6. So when I went to Ulta I had to ask them what I was allowed to get. I decided to take advantage and get 2 things from the Level 6 option. One of those options was a bottle of perfume up to $40. So here is what I got with my certificate!

Betsey Johnson Too Too Pretty :

“Betsey Johnson introduces Too Too, a sensational fragrance inspired by her love of dance and her passion for flirty fashion. Too Too is a fun, fresh perfume targeting the “it” girl who is youthful and effervescent. The bottle design is based on a timeless ornament that Betsey Johnson discovered as a child. This unique silhouette represents her childhood dreams and fashion ambitions. The vibrant scent is comprised of sweet passion fruit, sparkling mandarin, ginger, and strawberry leaves spun together with an underlying delicate pink musk that suggests femininity and warmth. To round it out, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla add just the right touch of radiance. With a vivacious packaging design and an alluring scent, Too Too conveys the free spirit of today’s sexy, modern girl who is playful, cool and flirtatious.” – This description was taken from

I’m sure you all know by now that I’m a sucker for packaging! As soon as I saw this I had my mind made up that I would get it even if I didn’t like the smell. LOL Thankfully it smells so good! My nose is very sensitive, and this fragrance is not too strong, which is perfect! (I didn’t notice until I was editing the pictures that a few of them I had the bottle backwards. 🙂 )







Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush:

“Feminine. Romantic. Spontaneous. Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush is a sparkling floral bouquet that is blooming with instant attraction. You will fall head over heels with notes of mouthwatering champagne accord and apricot blossom. The heart beats a little faster with a rich layer of pink passion flower, and a lasting impression is left with cashmere woods and sheer musk sweeping you off your feet!” – This description was taken from

As soon as I smelled this I knew I just had to have it! When I smelled it in the store it did not have the cap on the bottle, so I was completely surprised when I got home and opened the box up to take pictures. Score!!!! Another perfume with amazing packaging.




SAM_2792\ SAM_2793


Have you tried any of these fragrances? If so, which one is your favorite? What’s your favorite fragrance of all time?

BellezaKisses: 5/5

Just a few things I want to share!

Hey Belleza’s,

Just wanted to share a couple of things with you today. Hmmm… what should I start with first?

I went to Ulta today because they are having a sale on Revlon, NYX, Physicians Formula, and Almay products. All the items are 40% off, until September 29, 2012. So I picked up a couple of NYX items that I wanted to try including the NYX The Curve Liner. I will be posting the items that I purchased, along with swatches this weekend. I plan on going back for some more things before the sale is over with. Don’t forget that they always have the $3.50 off any $10 purchase that you can print out on their website, that can be used on sale items! I picked up 5 items and only paid $20!

While I was at Ulta I saw the Lady Gaga perfume that I’ve been hearing about. I tried it and it smells so good. I love how this perfume is a black liquid, it makes it very unique. Now here’s the bad part about the perfume (in my opinion), supposedly, it is made with notes of her blood, some guys semen, and a poisonous flower. Pause. I don’t know how I feel about that. How is that even possible? Is this perfume FDA approved? As soon as I read that, I ran to the bathroom and scrubbed my wrist until they started to hurt. Did anyone else read about this? I wonder if it is even true? I would love to hear your thoughts about this?

For those that entered the giveaway, please make sure that you’ve followed all the steps. I’ve noticed that a few people have entered through Rafflecopter; however, have not left a comment on the blog. I just want to make sure that you all have a fair shot of winning. If you have any problems leaving a comment feel free to send me a message at

Speaking of giveaways, I wanted to share with you a couple of giveaways that are being held on some blogs that I read, along with a site that has a list of giveaways that you can enter and/or submit your giveaway to.

Fashion Beauty and Life – is giving away a bag full of items! (we’re doing a collab giveaway!)

A Day in the Life of a Scottish Lass – is giving away an Exclusive NARS MidSummer Nights Gift Set

Bravenezz – is giving away a Too Faced Glamour To Go Palette and a Too Faced La Crème Lipstick

Ashley Elizabeth’s Beauty Blog – is giving away the following:

1- Lipstick – Lovechild
1 – Zero 24/7 Liner (black)
1 – Eden primer potion (nude)
1 – Feminine Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Beauties – is a website has a list of current giveaways. You can go to this website to enter giveaways, as well as submit your current giveaway. I think this was such a great idea!

If you interested in a list of blogs that I follow, they are listed on the bottom of my blog. I’m going to start updating this list every weekend.

Thanks for reading!

Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color- $19

So I went to Ulta the other day to see to try the new Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation. The color that I needed 7.5 they did not have at all. Apparently, they don’t have that color anywhere. From what I was told the 7.5 foundation wasn’t even shipped out. I heard this from 2 Ulta’s and a Sephora. Oh well, I can wait to try it.

Anyway, while I was looking around I came across their Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color line. All I can say is “Wow” the colors are super pigmented. I picked up “Adrenaline”, it’s a really pretty fuchsia color that has a little bit of glitter in it. However, it’s not super glittery, just enough glitter to give it a “reflective” look.

It goes on feeling very smooth, and soft. It is long-wearing, mine stayed on for about 4 hours with drinking and light eating. However, it did start to feel “gritty” after a while. But nothing that a little lip balm or another application won’t fix.

I will be going back to pick up some of their other colors that they have.

Here’s a list of all the colors:

Adrenaline- bright fuchsia w/ sparkle

Big Bang- bright pink w/ sparkle

Crush- bright hot pink

F- Bomb- bright red cream

Naked- light sheer beige

Punch Drunk- bright orange cream

Love Child- flushed natural pink

What colors have you tried/recommend?